Our Services

Avatar offers a comprehensive range of consulting services in the area of Information Management and Analytics across the Healthcare Value Chain.

Enterprise Information Services

  • Assessments and Roadmaps
  • Information Management Business Case
  • Business and Data Analysis
  • Enterprise Data: Modeling and Integration for clinical and payer based data warehousing
  • Information Governance: MDM, Governance and Quality
  • Analytics

Our methodology focuses on providing immediate business value and iterative development through a blended cross-functional team approach designed to help mentor and enable our clients.

  Customized Services for Individual Needs

For each of our clients, Avatar assesses needs and provides custom-tailored solutions specific to their situation and requirements. We stay current with the constantly changing healthcare and IMA landscape—empowered consumer driven healthcare, healthcare reform and other regulatory pressures, new business intelligence and analytics techniques, and the shift from cure to prevention. So whether you need healthcare IMA consulting or staffing, Avatar has the processes, experience, and know-how to meet your needs.

  Assessments and Roadmaps

Our methodology involves deploying consultants to gather information about your requirements and current business and technical capabilities. This information will drive how we should best approach improving your IMA environment. After gaining an understanding of your current state, needs and challenges, we apply industry experience and a set of proprietary analysis and planning techniques to develop a comprehensive implementation plan for an improved IMA environment. The result yields an actionable level of detail including a project plan indicating who, what, when, and where to tactically deliver an initial set of valuable information access releases that will ultimately map into a long-term and sustainable architecture.

  Information Management and Analytics Business Case

A solid business case is needed to help create the appropriate influence for an IMA program that supports corporate strategy. Without the business case, organizations fail to garner the necessary support to achieve success in improving their IMA environment. Our methodology uses proven methods to capture the benefits and costs to build a business case that suits our client's specific needs.

  Business and Data Analysis

Our key differentiator is the breadth and depth of business and data analysis experience that we offer our clients. Our consultants are not only experts at information management/analytics, they also have deep industry experience in their respective healthcare subdomains. We have found these combinations of skills to be imperative in thoroughly understanding and crafting solutions to effectively meet our client’s needs.

  Staffing Solutions

We provide a wide range of information management and analytics staffing services.

  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Data modeling
  • Data integration services
  • Application development
  • Testing services
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Training